Relocation Services

Yes, it takes a little while to settle in to any new environment, but with our help, it really doesn’t have to take much time at all…

We’ve drawn up all the checklists, put the systems, networks, contacts and processes in place and we’ve achieved our 10,000 hours of mastery

We’re ready to guide you down a well-oiled and practiced path, to an exciting new adventure and chapter in yours and your family’s lives, in a country as warm, inviting and welcoming as the people who live in it.

Welcome to South Africa. We’re here to make you feel at home!

Rockstone Relocation Programs

Orientation Program

Relocation Essentials

Settling in Program

Find your way around in no time

Includes telephonic and digital pre-work sessions and exercises prior to the move itself.

A comprehensive house search program often combined with the Orientation Program

Includes telephonic and digital pre-work sessions and exercises prior to the move itself.

Be fully settled in less than no time

Helps executives and their families understand all the essential elements regarding life in Johannesburg including housing, schooling and expat life in Johannesburg. Ensuring our clients can make informed decisions regarding their move to South Africa. This program is essential for a successful executive and family relocation, every family should utilize this service. This includes finding the right accommodation, schools and also provides the family with settling in information for their move to Johannesburg.

Comprehensive assistance to expats & their families in addition to relocation essentials. Includes work session prior to the move itself and on arrival in the country.

  Taylor House search and screening, according to brief,
Line up house visit in designated area
Schedule schools appointment & visit, ,
School visits and enrolment, and Pre enrolment
Full personal admin & accounts setup, which includes:
Bank Accounts, Post Office Box, Telephone, Cellphone & Internet Connections, Satellite Television, Vehicle purchasing or rentals, insurance, medical insurance, furniture and equipment purchase, General Practitioner registration, sourcing domestic assistance and much much more...

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